Lots of family fun here at Cooper's Cove.
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July 4th
Lots of family fun here at Cooper's Cove.
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July 4th

July 4th BBQ
July 4th BBQ
Cooper's Cove July 4th BBQ


Welcome to Cooper's Cove


 We have been in the boat business for over 38 years and have had a business on the property since before the lake was built in 1950.

We are excited that you are visiting our Web Site. Cooper’s Cove is here to provide unique adventures for any occasion.

On this site you'll find information about the activities and facilities at Cooper’s Cove along with descriptions of our special Getaway Packages. We hope you will find all of the information you are looking for regarding our recreation company.

Cooper’s Cove is located on the East side of the lake three miles from I-20 and just off Texas 163
Family owned and operated   Phone (325) 728-5885

Services offered at Cooper's Cove

Boat service and repair

 We offer boat service and repair. The boat shop has been open for over 38 years.

When you find the perfect old boat and you want to restore it yourself, at Cooper’s Cove Marine we will help you locate parts and answer your questions on how to repair it.

 Call Randy for all your boat repair needs.


Lake lots for lease.


We have over 51 acres of lake front property which we lease by the lot and by the year.

Keep us informed of all complaints or concerns related to, but not limited to, other lease holders or their guest.

We also have mobile home lots available for a yearly lease.

The following is a short list of benefits with a few exceptions:


All boat launches are free to lessees but their guests pay their own launch fee.

There are dumpsters provided for your convenience.  Please use them and do not burn you household trash on this property.

There will be a free landfill day twice a month on a Saturday for any large items; Buford’s Salvage will take refrigerators, washing machines and dryers.  Call us for more information.

We will provide Yard Care for a small fee based on lot size, requested times (weekly, monthly, holidays), for weed eating, removing trash/debris, and watering.


You are to maintain the premises and surrounding area of the lot you lease in a good and clean condition, free from debris, trash, noxious weeds, other ground cover, or any growth which exceeds a height of 6 inches.

Do not create or permit a nuisance, or interfere with any other tenant's use of their leased lot.

Do not allow any portion of your leased area to be used for conducting any activity that would create a public nuisance; for any illegal purpose, or in any manner that would interfere with or infringe on the rights or peaceful enjoyment of adjacent leaseholders.


 Camping, RV Sites and Cabins

Day use is $10.00 for a half day (less than 4 hours) and $15.00 for a full day.

Over night tent camping is $15.00 - $20.00 a night.

RV spaces are available.

We have 30 and 50 amp service. Water and sewer hookups are at every site.  We also have a few cabins for rent.

Call ahead for reservations.

All the amounts above are for 5 people.  Thereafter there is a charge of $2.00 per person.

All visitors are asked to pick up and clean up after themselves and others in their group. This keeps our costs down and thereby keeps our visitors’ costs down.


 Thank you ahead of time for your cooperation.

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Cooper's Cove
visit us at www.cooperscove.net
Cooper's Cove
We are locate on the east side of Lake Colorado City.
Our hours are: 8:30am - 7:00pm everyday
For reservations call Randy or Tonya at 325-728-5885,
Call for our rates!